Johnny Scoville himself

"This is a REALLY good sauce."

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Brian Ambs

"This is an awesome sauce. This is made crazy well."

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Stan from Heatsupply

"It has a really bright lemon flavor, really good flavor actually."

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Ed from The Three Chillies

"Netherlands, you should be proud."

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Bill from Bill Moore's Hot and Spicy Reviews

"The very best lemon based hot sauce I've ever tasted."

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Chris from Spicy Reviewz

"This sauce is a sharp, sweet masterpiece that sends your tastebuds on one hell of a journey."

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Stephen from Hot Sauce Reviews

"This is a unique hot sauce, and it is very flavorful."

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Rob from Cool Hot Sauce Reviews

"The brightness that comes from the lemon and the Madame Jeanette peppers works really well to offer a very unique and very specific flavor profile that is citrus and fruit forward."

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Tony from Primal Peppers

"Overall a delicious sauce and unique and so glad I had the opportunity to taste it!"

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